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Introducing The Ultimate Hypnotherapy Service For Long-Lasting Results
- "The Most Relaxed I've Ever Felt, 
The Most Progress I've Ever Made"
  • Do it From Home: Sessions are over the phone or online
  • Start Immediately: Book your first weekly session today
  • No contracts: Start today and cancel any time
Introducing Private Hypnotherapy
Our Ultimate Service For Long-Lasting Results
- "The Most Relaxed I've Ever Felt, 
The Most Progress I've Ever Made"
In just 45 minutes per week you can turn your life around with the help of a Grace Space Certified Hypnotherapist. It's like having a "Personal Trainer" for your own mind.
We Can Help You With:
Become the calmest person you know. Uncover the root of your stress. Calmly handle what life throws your way.
Become unstoppable. High-performers can't afford to drop the ball. Develop executive and entrepreneurial mindset.
Feel good inside and out. Rewire your mind & body connection to empower your life and feel like your best self.
Become genuinely happy. If your brain is wired for doom and gloom, we'll help train your mind to love life.
Sleep like a baby tonight. You deserve it. We will help you calm those racing thoughts and soothe into deep sleep.
Feel like it's all falling apart? Family drama, breakups? Feel calm, resolute, and thrive during this transition.
Want to go deep? We're here to guide you. Regression work, chakra healing,  spiritual guides.
Stress is proven to affect fertility and birth. Let us guide your mind to thriving through these major milestones.
Take your life back. Free yourself from unhealthy coping patterns and develop healthy habits you will be proud of. 
Fear no more. Recondition your mind to free yourself from fear-related anxiety and be unstoppable.
And more...
The Real Reason that
Willpower Alone
Never Works
Your habits and patterns have become habitual. To change them, we need to go where they live.
You haven’t done anything wrong…at least not consciously… 

We all have something called the subconscious mind, which means “existing in the mind but not consciously known or felt”. 

According to research, 95% of the time our life is controlled by the subconscious mind. We use our conscious mind, where our desires and aspirations reside, only 5% of the time…

Therefore, no matter what thoughts or feelings we want to have, if our subconscious mind is programmed to think or feel differently, you will not be able to change them. 

Let’s say you would like reduce your stress at work. You consciously know it’s important and healthy to do that. However, you might have a subconscious belief that stress helps you “get things done”, and that if you were to let go of it you would just relax, become lazy, and accomplish nothing. 

No matter how much you want to let go of stress, you will only truly overcome it once you change this subconscious belief about stress. 

The most effective way to reach your subconscious is by relaxing into a deeper state of mind where you can effectively become aware of these beliefs and make changes to your subconscious blueprint. 

So is there a system or a process that will put you in that perfect state of mind so that your negative subconscious programming can be replaced by positivity and a sense of focused calm?  

There is, and that’s hypnotherapy.
Diet plan illustration
Why Hypnosis
Forget what you see in the movies. Put simply, Hypnosis feels like meditation but with a goal. 
Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis to bring you into a relaxed state where you can work on the goals that are most important to you.
Hypnosis is a natural, familiar state. We all move in and out of the hypnotic state all day long. For instance, sometimes we go into this state when we’re driving, watching TV, listening to music, or working on a project that we’re passionate about.

In a more relaxed state, you can make extremely powerful changes in your life because it is the state in which you are the most receptive, creative, and intuitive.

Hypnosis produces increased awareness of the unconscious mind, heightened sense of suggestibility, and deep relaxation to access the subconscious mind without resistance. This allows for brain wave state shifts to take place to promote wellness and recovery. 

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Now Available
Speak with a Certified Hypnotherapist
  • Work 1-on-1 every week with a world-class Hypnotherapist who was certified directly by Grace Smith.
  • Allow a professional to expertly guide you in healing your unique subconscious issue, including unresolved emotional traumas that are blocking your success.
  • Leave no stone unturned in your subconscious mind. Your personal Hypnotherapist will take the lessons, education, and transformative power from each chapter and make them deeply personal to you and your unique weight loss journey.
 Our hypnotherapists get results for people just like you. They are experts in guiding you into the depths of your unique subconscious mind, which means they you will help you experience transformation and shifts like never before. Our Hypnotherapists complete our world-class Grace Space Hypnotherapy Certification School, which is endorsed by IACT (International Association of Counselors & Therapists).
Elinda M., CHt.
Brooke B., CHt.
Amy H., CHt.
Leah C., CHt.
Shanon C., CHt.
Camarie G., CHt.
Marilyn C., CHt.
Katie C., CHt.

Tracy S., CHt.

Soo C., CHt.
Jenna B., CHt.
Katya K, CHt.
  book your FIRST WEEKLY appointment
  once a week, call-in a conference line to connect with your hypnotherapist
the data is in:
As hypnotherapy becomes more mainstream, scientific research from leading medical research institutions such as Stanford University, Yale University, and Mayo Clinic are close behind in verifying the benefits. 

We conducted a study alongside Dr. Keerthy Sunder and Samantha Franklin of the Mind and Body Research Institute in which we assigned seven days of hypnosis to 100 participants. Of the 35 participants that completed all seven days correctly, we saw: 
54.5 %
Decrease in Depression

51.5 %
decrease in procrastination
45.5 %
decrease in stress
32 %
increase in happiness
27 %
29 %
what our clients are saying
"I found out about Grace Space Hypnotherapy sessions around 7 months ago when I was completely overwhelmed and stressed out. I had been doing lots of stress relief techniques such as yoga, meditation, sports, going outside, eating healthy, even psychotherapy... but the missing piece for me was really the Hypnotherapy. After a couple sessions with a qualified Grace Space Hypnotherapist, I experienced a real switch! My anxiety crisis went away, they completely disappeared, which was truly amazing and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this and I recommend you highly to everyone, Thank You. "
The Grace Space Therapists are amazing. "it's so easy. I don't even need to get out of bed. I can just wake up, no makeup, hair in a mess, hop on my headphones and that's all I need to do and then get ready for my life to change. It's really not exaggerated, I can't imagine where I would be right now if i hadn't gone through all those sessions. So much fear and uncertainty going on right now and I can't think of a better time. These hypnotherapists, they're doing their best right now, they're on the front lines, they're doing everything they can and they're so compassionate, they're so loving, and they listen to you and their incredible and I can't recommend them enough, and i'm so grateful for all that they're doing. " 
I have been having hypnotherapy since last May. And I am so happy that hypnotherapy has come into my life. It has made such a huge impact in my life as far as keeping me grounded and healthy and happy. It even it has inspired me to become a hypnotherapist myself. 

With all the things that are going on right now, I enjoy having that peace and calming in my life with hypnotherapy. And I don't know what I would be doing right now without it. Before I started hitting with therapy, I binge watched TV and I wasn't getting out of the house.
I initially signed up for six sessions and my experience was wonderful. My hypnotherapist was kind and supportive. She challenged me in all the best ways. She really helped me dig into my social anxiety before doing hypnotherapy. Recording this video would have been next to impossible. So this is just honestly a true testament of what this experience was like for me. I am totally comfortable recording this video and sharing it with you all. I also delved into a lot of my trauma that I experienced in my early adolescents. So without her and without the hypnotherapy, I don't think I would be where I am today. So I highly recommend that you all sign up for private hypnotherapy sessions. Thank you.
Private Hypnotherapy
  • Weekly 45-minute 1-on-1 Hypnotherapy session (over the phone)
  • ​Work on a customized plan with your Hypnotherapist
  • ​Accomplish your goal in as little as 3 weekly sessions
  • ​ No contracts. You cancel online any time.

Normally $200 / Session

Only $119 / Session
Billed Monthly - Cancel Online Anytime
still have questions?

Read this FAQ, and if you still have questions
How do I book my first session?
Instantly after payment, you will be redirected to a booking calendar for your first session. You will get to book your first session immediately. After your first session, you will have a link to book your ongoing weekly sessions.
How do I prepare for my session?
Make sure you will have 1) privacy and 2) comfort during your session. Here are a few tips:

* Tell your family members/coworkers you will be unavailable for 1 hour during your session
* Put your phone on "Do Not Disturb" mode, with notifications off
* Lie down comfortably in a couch or bed, wearing headphones if possible
How long is a session and how is it structured?
45 minutes. Each session will follow a 3-step protocol:

Part 1) The Hypnotherapist will start by listening to you and what your goals are, establishing a plan of action (10-15 min)

Part 2) The Hypnotherapist will guide you through an incredibly relaxing induction (10-15 min)

Part 3) The core of your hypnosis session, where you will be able to identify the root source of your challenges, and recondition your subconscious mind for success (~30 min)
Can I skip a week?
Yes! You just need to make sure you have your 4 sessions within 30 days, so that means you can double down the next week. 
Can I reschedule a session?
Yes! You can easily reschedule a session with our calendar booking tool.
How long do I have to schedule my sessions?
From the time you pay, you have 30 days to schedule your 4 weekly sessions. Unused sessions do not rollover. That means if for any reason you need to skip a certain week, you can double down the next week to make sure you're on track to have 4 sessions that month.
What if I'm international? Can I still have a session?
Yes! We will provide you with a special link where you can download an app on your phone to join your Hypnotherapy sessions (similar to a Zoom link)
Are there any hidden costs? 
Absolutely not! You're paying the lowest cost we've ever offered for private sessions with no hidden fees.
Do you have any contracts?
No contracts which means you can cancel any time! On your welcome email you will see a link to a page to manage your subscription. There you can change your card on file or cancel your subscription.

A cancellation will stop the next auto-charge from happening, and you get to use the sessions you already paid for during this billing period. If for example, you complete 2 sessions and then cancel your account, you can complete your next 2 sessions and you won't be charged next month.
What's the refund policy?
Just like you can't get a refund from your doctor or massage therapist, all sales are also final for Private Hypnotherapy sessions. That being said, we require no contracts so you can feel free to cancel your subscription at any time and you will no longer be charged on the next billing period and beyond.
What are your Hypnotherapists' qualifications?
Our Hypnotherapists complete our world-class Grace Space Hypnotherapy Certification School, which is endorsed by IACT (International Association of Counselors & Therapists) Only the top 5% of our students have been offered a position to represent our company as an in-house Hypnotherapist, which means we have personally vetted each one of them to be the best of the best. They will be able to guide you into the depths of your unique subconscious mind with great skill.
How many sessions do you recommend?
12 sessions are truly the “tipping point” for lasting transformation. Just like personal training, you can't expect a full body transformation after one workout session.

The following statistic will help to explain this finding with hypnotherapy:

A Survey of Psychotherapy Literature by Alfred A. Barrios, PhD., which was later reprinted in American Health Magazine, revealed the following recovery rates:

                                    Psychoanalysis: 38% recovery after 600 sessions

                                    Behavior Therapy: 72% recovery after 22 sessions

                                  Hypnotherapy: 93% recovery after 6 sessions

While the average presented in this study was 6 sessions for 93% recovery, we have found that most of our clients completely work through an entire issue in less time, approximately 3-4 sessions, which means that with 12 sessions you are able to address approximately 3-4 areas of concern.

We have found that with at least 12 sessions we are able to access and resolve the root of an issue, which transforms the client in every facet of their lives. 

Of course, some topics require more sessions than others, weight loss being one of them. If a client needs to lose 100lbs, that cannot be safely done in only 3-4 sessions and therefore 12+ sessions may be used for the various factors affecting the client and their need to lose weight.
How's this different from an hypnosis audio session?
While all of our other offerings will absolutely help you transform your life, there's simply no substituting the power of a private session that is tailored directly to your specific needs.

A recording by it’s very nature must be generic so that thousands and thousands of people can listen to and benefit from it. There is nothing generic about a private hypnotherapy session; it is 100% unique. It is just for you. That means you will experience transformation and shifts like never before in record time.
Who will be my Hypnotherapist?
You will get to choose your Hypnotherapist on the confirmation page.
Do phone sessions really work? 
Yes! Because you're at home and comfortable, you may go even deeper than if you had to travel to an office. Understanding this is a must after COVID-19, we're proud to have been guiding phone sessions for over three years which makes us especially ready to support our customers during this time.


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