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Grace Space is the world's #1 virtual hypnotherapist.
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Grace Space is the world's #1 virtual hypnotherapist.
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"I look forward to getting calm at any given moment!"
Review By cscretch
As a part of Grace's community, I love that everything is now under one roof and right at your fingertips! Very easy to use and navigate, this tool is a great addition to your app collection. Bravo, and I look forward to getting calm at any given moment!
"It's everything I would have wanted, and more."
Review By Gary J
I am a huge fan of Grace and her wonderful work. This app is everything I would have wanted, and more. The binary recordings are crazy powerful and so easy to use. 
I also love the sleep meditation - or at least what I heard of it. I keep nodding off before it's finished!

Grace's energy put me into a calm, relaxed state, and the guided imagery is still salient in my mind. Working with Grace has truly made a positive impression on my daily life.

Prince EA

Each session left me with a greater sense of calm and empowerment. The most remarkable result was the instant cessation of my chronic nightmares. I began to sleep better, helping me to function better during the day and improving my overall mood.

Rebekah Borucki

Accept Grace's invitation to surrender to the power of the subconscious. You will be surprised by the peace that exists inside you!

Cazé Peçanha

The main benefit I got from Grace Space was just feeling SO much more positivity in my mindset throughout the day – not letting silly things get to me and ruin my mood, and focusing on powerful affirmations that make me feel happy and motivated.

Kat Horrocks
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Grace Space has all the tools for you to recondition your mind in every area of your life. All you have to do is "Close Your Eyes and Get Free".
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  • A library of over 15 full-length audio courses to overhaul your thoughts: The Ultimate Anxiety Relief, the Weight Loss Intensive, The Confidence Boost, Quit Smoking Now, Dominate Public Speaking, from Procrastination to Productivity, and more....
  • An iOS and Android mobile app with quick SOS "pick-me-up" recordings which will make your day much better when you need a boost!
  • A private Grace Space support community to help you on your mindset journey.
  • Go from rookie to ninja by earning beautiful badges that you can display on your Grace Space profile and even share on social media. Change your mind and get rewarded!
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