Free Training Webinar Reveals...
This Previously Misunderstood Niche Technique is Quickly Becoming THE Most Sought After Service In Personal Development!
How learning this will explode 🔥 your career and business in wellness and add deep fulfillment to your life ✨
This Webinar is For 
  •  Health, Wellness & Life Coaches
  •  If you are interested in launching a coaching business. 

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We turned our best session's recording into a LIVE Experience.

Hosted by Grace Smith, CHt.

CEO & Founder of Grace Space Hypnosis
What You Will Learn On This Free Training Webinar:
Secret #1
Why This Technique is nOT another notch in your toolbelt… 
it IS the belt. 
Why All of your clients' successes hinge on mastering this technique
Secret #2
Being a “coach” is like being a “Smith”... it's so common now!!! Learn how mastering this technique will Differentiate you so that your business stands out
Secret #3
fact: not all healers are also natural marketers! learn how you can have a sustainable, 6 figure business you're proud of, without having to constantly sell yourself
** PLUS - HUGE Bonus: Just Show Up On The Webinar And I'll GIVE You My Top 23 things I wish I had known when I set out to create a 6-figure coaching business. Learn from my mistakes so you don’t have to make them! 
(P.S. I just had two 6-figure MONTHS in a row… I got there, but it was a winding road!)
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