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At home and struggling with emotional eating during quarantine?

At home and struggling with emotional eating during quarantine?

"NEW Book Helps You 
Reprogram Your Mind to 
Lose Weight, Feel Great, and 
Love Your Body

"NEW Book Helps You 
Reprogram Your Mind to 
Lose Weight, Feel Great, and 
Love Your Body

Even If You Have Tried Everything And Have Zero Motivation"

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I'd like to rush a copy of my new hypnotic weight loss book directly to your door, ASAP with FREE shipping!

Send Me Your Address...

I'd like to rush a copy of my brand-new hypnotic weight loss book directly to your door, ASAP!

So, how do you use your

Subconscious Weight-Loss Power

To Finally Lose Those Extra Pounds?

From Grace Smith
Founder of Grace Hypnosis

Tell me if you've had this experience...

You're 2 weeks into a 3-week cleanse.

You've lost a few pounds, and you're noticing that the weight loss is actually accelerating!

You get excited and start telling your friends.

You start looking at yourself in the mirror and smiling a lot more than normal.

As Friday rolls around, you head out with your friends for a night on the town, or maybe a date ;)

And when the dessert menu arrives at the table, you think, "I deserve a reward. One dessert can't hurt..."

And so...

The "Self-Sabotaging Downward Spiral" begins.

That one dessert doesn't do much harm, but it does stay in your mind until the next day...

When you see a box of your absolute favorite cookies in the grocery store.

So you grab it, thinking, "I'll save it for the right time..."

It just so happens that the right time ended up being the moment you walked into the door of your home.

Eventually, all of the progress you made on your diet is undone and you start gaining all of those pounds back. After a seemingly short period of time...

You're back at square one.
Despite weeks of hard dieting,
You have no results to show.

Have you ever worked so hard for something like that...

Gotten so close to your goal you could touch it...

And then - BAM - you lose it all.

Or maybe you have a genetic challenge that makes it EXTRA difficult to lose weight. 

It can seem like you're so alone, which makes it that much easier to make compromises that lead to the Self-Sabotaging Downward Spiral.

All it takes is one tiny trigger - to undo all of your hard work.

You might even think sometimes...

"If I Can't Finish This Simple Little Diet, How Can I Possibly Expect To Reach My Dream Body?

Am I Not Cut Out For This?"

My name is Grace Smith, and I am the author of a new book called Close Your Eyes, Lose Weight. I am a world-renowned expert in a field called Hypnotherapy - and nobody understands as well as I do how our minds can work for (and against) us, especially when it comes to losing weight.
Years ago, I struggled to overcome my own mind's tendency to stick with old patterns. I knew that if I didn't change something - and fast - then my health was about to take a major downturn.

Hypnosis offered me a way out of my own downward spirals. 

It was the single tool that I was able to use which addressed the real cause of my problems - my own mind. It wasn't until I addressed my destructive subconscious habits that I started getting meaningful results.
Since discovering and mastering the power of hypnotherapy, I've helped thousands of people lose weight and overcome other big challenges by addressing the real problem when it comes to making a major shift in our lifestyles: our subconscious minds.

The Real Weight Loss Challenge Isn't Finding The Right Diet Or Exercise.

It's Your Subconscious Mind!

Without understanding this simple fact, you're faced with the daily struggle of pushing through strict diets and exercise regimens only for them to fall apart.


Because you - inevitably - encountered a Self-Destructive Downward Spiral.

It can seem impossible to lose weight (and keep it off) if you don't address the culprit behind those downward spirals. It's the single reason that no amount of vegetables, cleanses, workout routines, or gym memberships will help you.

If you don't change the mental patterns that are keeping your brain from wanting to lose weight, you'll never achieve your dream body or, more importantly, feel incredible in your own skin. We all want that. But it can seem absolutely impossible after countless failed attempts.

The GOOD News Is That The Very Same Mental Patterns That Are Keeping You From Losing Weight Can Be Rewired So You Absolutely Love To Eat Healthy & Exercise

The Grace Hypnosis community has lost thousands of pounds through our online weight loss programs over the years, and it all comes down to taking control of your subconscious patterns. The best part is that...

It doesn't feel like you're sacrificing your quality of life to achieve your healthy weight. In fact, with the power of hypnosis on your side, the very same diet and exercise programs that have felt grueling and almost impossible in the past can be re-shaped in your subconscious to be exciting.

How Far Would You Go To Re-Wire Your Brain To Love Losing Weight?

If you're like most people out there, you'd do just about anything.

You might be at your wit's end.

You may have already given up.

You may be thinking, "No, I'm done."

Most people are in that same boat. 

What if I told you that all of those diet and exercise programs failed for one reason and one reason only? That one reason is your subconscious mind was holding you back from making any of those programs work.

What if I went one step further and told you that by following a proven, step-by-step hypnosis process, you can finally re-wire those negative mental patterns and naturally reach your ideal, healthy weight?

Wouldn't you want to at least give it a shot? For many members of the Grace Hypnosis community - men and women alike -

The Answer Is A Loud And Strong


So... how does this actually work? What makes this system tick?

Across our hundreds of weight loss program participants over the years, the same method has led to fast and highly-motivated weight loss.

Every time.

There are 12 weight loss keys to this system:
  • Key #1: Learn To Hypnotize Yourself At Home So You Can Get Results Quickly On Your Own
  • Key #2: Overcoming Limiting Beliefs Is The Fastest Path To Making Your Weight Loss Journey Easy & Fast
  • Key #3: Intuitive Eating: Discover How To Listen To Your Body & Subconscious Mind So You Can Learn What Foods To Eat & Which Not Avoid
  • Key #4: Train Your Brain To Crave Exercise So It's Never A Painful Chore
  • Key #5: Overcome Emotional Eating Habits
  • Key #6: Train Your Brain To Use Other Habits While Bored Instead Of Defaulting To "Boredom Eating"
  • Key #5: Overcome Emotional Eating Habits
  • Key #6: Train Your Brain To Use Other Habits While Bored Instead Of Defaulting To "Boredom Eating"
  • Key #7: Find Your Rewards System So You Are Always Moving In The Right Direction And Staying Motivated
  • Key #8: Identifying The Triggers That Cause You To Revert To Old Patterns
  • Key #9: Using The Law Of Attraction To Authentically Visualize And Manifest The Body Of Your Dreams
  • Key #10: Cope With Unwanted Attention In A Productive Way
  • Key #11: Overcoming The Fear Of Success So You Can Finally Reach That "Breakthrough Weight Loss" Moment
  • Key #11: Learning To Love Yourself In The Long Run So You Can Maintain Your Healthy Weight
Are you a bit curious what lies behind these keys?

The full trainings for all 12 keys are in my book, Close Your Eyes, Lose Weight, but to give you a sneak preview, here are some of the keys summarized;

Key #1: Learn To Hypnotize Yourself

Contrary to the popular "mythologized" belief that hypnosis is always done with someone sitting across from you holding a pendulum or a pocket watch, coaxing you into a hypnotic state...

The real truth is that some of the best hypnotherapy can come out of you sitting in the privacy of your own home.

Self-hypnosis is a key ingredient to my book, Close Your Eyes, Lose Weight. It doesn't require you to pay a hypnotherapist, go through a time-consuming training, or have any prior experience with hypnosis.

That's the beauty of hypnosis...

Our brains are already built to be rewired. All it takes is the right tools - a quiet space and a hypnosis track.

That's why I've included (with every copy of Close Your Eyes, Lose Weight) a hypnosis track library to listen to while following my simple self-hypnosis setup instructions. It only takes a few minutes of sitting back and listening to a hypnosis track to start re-wiring those subconscious pathways that have, for so long, led you astray in your weight loss journey.

Key #2: Chew, Hydrate, STOP!

After you've learned the simple steps to self-hypnosis, you can begin to re-wire the foundational habits around eating. We call this "Chew, Hydrate, Stop!"

Our members have gotten immediate results just from this one step. By focusing on resetting the simplest, most basic mental habits around eating, you can begin to feel more in control of your meals and how much you eat.

Don't make the mistake of so many - and underestimate the power of this step.

Think about it this way...

Let's say you have a house and, for some reason, you learned from childhood that the correct way to get into your house from the street was to go through the back door. 

Day in, and day out, you would continue with this habit, never questioning why you go through the back door. So you would continue to do it - that is, unless your neighbor walked up to you one day and asked...

"I see you never use your front door. Wouldn't it save you some time?"

At which point, a lightbulb would turn on in your head and you would try to remember why you go through the back door. A small change has happened in  your conscious mind which questions your existing patterns. The re-wiring process has begun.

So the next time you arrive at your home, you'd find that your feet automatically start walking to the back door. But, all of a sudden, your conscious mind remembers that conversation with your neighbor. You decide to redirect your feet, step up to your front door, enter the key, and go inside.

This would happen a few times, and eventually, with enough repetition, your subconscious mind would forget entirely that you ever had the habit of going  through the back door.

The front door is your new habit.

You need to have the same approach with your weight loss habits.

Your conscious mind can't always remember to chew slowly. Your subconscious mind (where all the thousands of tiny little decisions are made, like on which side of your mouth you should start brushing your teeth) needs to be re-wired (AKA "trained") to make decisions that are better-suited to your goals.

Key #3: Get Rid Of Limiting Beliefs

A limiting belief is a deeply-rooted thought pattern that causes us to make decisions based on fear, doubt, uncertainty, and other destructive beliefs that are rooted in our memories.

Those memories can live anywhere, but they are potent.

They can come from a childhood trauma...

Or a past destructive relationship...

Or a catastrophe you've experienced...

Or even a simple comment you overheard about your weight.

These are all moment that embed themselves - almost permanently - in our subconscious mind.

It's not until you take the time, through hypnosis, to identify what those moments were, address them, and move past them that you can get past the limits that those memories (and the limiting beliefs they created) have placed on your life.

Key #4: Intuitive Eating

Your body is an incredibly smart machine. 

It knows immediately what food is good and bad for you - often before you even put it in your mouth.

Don't believe me? I'll prove it.

Close your eyes for a moment.
Think about holding a lemon wedge in your hand.
Then think about taking a hard bite into it.
Feel and taste the sour citrus flavor spreading through your mouth.

Open your eyes.

Did you feel anything in your mouth? 

If you're like 90% of people, you felt your salivary glands tense up. 

Your mouth started to water.

Just at the thought of a lemon.

Now consider the fact that your body is doing this all the time, and not just in your mouth. Your skin, your gut, and the rest of your body all react instantaneously at the thought of eating a certain food.

Including your brain.

And since your subconscious mind is wired directly into your body's functions (it controls involuntary muscle control like breathing), it has learned over the years which foods are good and bad.

What if you could "tune in" to your subconscious and listen to it carefully before making the decision to eat a certain food?

What if you heard it say "NO! DON'T EAT THAT!"?

What if you heard it say "YES! EAT THAT! WE NEED IT!"?

You could unlock an entirely new skill we call intuitive eating.

By eating intuitively, you won't have to guess what foods are best for you.

You won't have to guess what diets are best for you (which should come as a relief, based on the sheet number of diets out there).

Key #5: Train Your Brain To
Crave Exercise

This step catches most people off-guard for one reason:

Most people have always hated exercise.

Heck - it's painful. A lot more painful than lounging on a couch.

But think for a moment about the feeling after a good workout or yoga session.

You feel energized. You feel alive.

And guess what?

Your brain feels it, too. It can remember that feeling and start associating that feeling of energy and life with the physical act of exercise...

... If you let it.

Through the hypnosis training in this step, you'll learn to unlock your brain's ability to create a "link" between exercise and that positive feeling.

This isn't just about feelings, either.

When you exercise, your brain releases feel-good chemicals that make you want to do it more, and it begins to build mental motivational pathways that make it easier and easier to get moving.

That's why people who exercise regularly are more likely to go to the gym next time, and it's also why people who haven't gone to the gym in a month find it so difficult to lace up their shoes. 

The good news is that your mind is a quick study. It only takes a few repeated workouts with that release of feel-good chemicals to get it trained up on motivating you to lace up your shoes and start moving!

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What Have Others Said About This Weight Loss System?

Below are results from previous participants in the Grace Hypnosis Weight Loss system through our challenges and hypnotherapy sessions. Read the kinds of experiences they have had...
Amazing results in just 21 Days...
Imagine what you could do yourself!

The Results Are Undeniable...

The weight loss system behind Close Your Eyes, Lose Weight has already helped people who have been struggling with their weight loss journey.
Are you ready to get the same results?

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I'd like to rush a copy of my brand-new
hypnotic weight loss book directly to your door, ASAP!

As I mentioned above on this page, I'm covering the cost of shipping for free. I've already spent the money to get it to you. I'm paying for shipping and all I'm asking is that you cover the cost of the book so I can get it to you.
When you get a copy of Close Your Eyes, Lose Weight on this page, you'll also get access to a FREE library of hypnosis audio tracks that are designed to pair with each chapter in the book. This is a 100% FREE GIFT from me to you.
Grace Hypnosis is absolutely loved by leading experts
Grace Hypnosis is absolutely loved by leading experts
Here's what the authorities are saying...
“I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing Grace’s hypnotherapy first hand and she is the absolute master of her craft. If you suspect your weight gain was rooted in something deeply emotional that you have not yet been able to access and heal, you must read this book!”

—JJ Virgin, multi-#1 New York Times bestselling author, certified nutrition specialist, board certified holistic nutritionist, and certified exercise physiologist 
“Having worked with Grace personally I can attest to the deep wisdom in her hypnotherapy teachings. Releasing weight is a physical, mental and emotional endeavor; Grace’s book will help you dissolve any subconscious limiting beliefs that were blocking your success.” 

—Danette May, America’s leading healthy lifestyle expert 
“Self-sabotage is real . . . but it doesn’t have to stop you! Having worked with Grace personally, I can tell you that her work will absolutely change your life. If you’re ready to clean out subconscious cobwebs, power up, and love yourself like never before, Grace’s book will show you how.”

—Gala Darling, author and speaker
“Having lost over 100lbs myself I can attest to how self-sabotage lives on even after the weight is gone... unless you are committed to upgrading and healing your subconscious beliefs as well. Grace is my personal hypnotherapist and the positive impact she's had on my life truly isn't quantifiable. I recommend Grace's work and this book if you are ready to change your life and health in unprecedented, unbelievable ways.” 

—Scott Oldford, entrepreneur 
“I had the privilege of working with Grace as my hypnotherapist. Her hypnotherapy not only fueled my weight loss of 15 pounds of body fat in 60 days—it jumpstarted long-term habits of consistent exercise and healthier food choices that have lasted well beyond the time we worked together. Both self-control and motivation around my health & wellness choices come so much more easily thanks to the abundance mentality that - for the first time in my life—I was able to develop. I’m incredibly grateful for the life-changing guidance provided by Grace and I’m so excited for you to experience the power of hypnosis as you read Close Your Eyes, Lose Weight!”

—Brigid McCuen, creative producer, MedCircle
“Weight loss is a mental process as much as it is a physical process. People want to look great, yes, but they also want to feel great. With plenty of options to address the physical processes of weight loss, how do we change our mindsets to stick to healthy choices in the long-term and feel great? With hypnosis. In my experience as a nutrition coach, there is no better ‘workout’ for the mind and a more effective tool for changing habits that will ensure lasting results like using Grace Smith’s hypnosis protocols alongside your weight loss plan.”

—Jovanka Ciares, CHWC, RH
"Hypnotic Weight Loss Audio Track Library"

Total Value: $297

With every chapter in the book, you're going to get a hypnotherapy track to listen to. These tracks will help reinforce new habits, re-wire your neural pathways, and establish strong, healthy beliefs in your subconscious mind.

They can be used anywhere at any time, whether you are at home or on the go. This hypnosis library is made available for free when you get a copy of my FREE book, Close Your Eyes, Lose Weight.
As I said above on this page, I'm giving you a copy of my book, Close Your Eyes, Lose Weight with FREE shipping  anywhere in the US. 

If you have been struggling with your weight loss journey, trying out diet after diet and exercise program after exercise program, hope is not lost.

This book will teach you the exact steps the Grace Hypnosis team has used to help thousands of other people lose weight, even after endless attempts with diets and exercise.

Addressing the underlying subconscious patterns that are holding you back from losing that weight is the only way forward.

I'm inviting you to give this system a run for its money - and in this case, that's just the cost of shipping the book to your door. I've already bought this book on your behalf. I just need you to help me get it to you.

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