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In as little as 12 minutes you can make positive changes in your life that stick, even if nothing else you've tried worked. Just close your eyes, get comfy, and let Grace do the work.
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JJ Virgin

“I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing Grace’s hypnotherapy first hand and she is the absolute master of her craft."

Danette May

“Having worked with Grace personally I can attest to the deep wisdom in her hypnotherapy teachings. [Grace] will help you dissolve any subconscious limiting beliefs that were blocking your success.” 

Gala Darling

“Self-sabotage is real . . . but it doesn’t have to stop you! Having worked with Grace personally, I can tell you that her work will absolutely change your life. If you’re ready to clean out subconscious cobwebs, power up, and love yourself like never before, Grace will show you how.”
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